Exploring the Hills of Cape Coral, Florida for Cyclists

Cape Coral, the second largest city in Florida by land area, offers a unique cycling experience with more than 90 miles of interconnected bike routes. With its year-round cycling climate, stunning natural beauty and terrain that is mostly flat, the region is a cyclist's paradise. At present, there is only one road that goes from Cape Coral to Pine Island, and cyclists say it is not safe for them. Sanibel Island only allows class I e-bikes on its trails, which are defined as “an electric bicycle equipped with a motor that provides assistance only when the cyclist is pedaling and that stops providing assistance when the e-bike reaches a speed of 20 miles per hour.” Two people were hospitalized after an accident involving a car and motorcycle in the 200 block of Northeast Pine Island Road, in Cape Coral, late Sunday night.

Lee County's VCB site has information on restaurants, activities and accommodations in Cape Coral and across the county. If you are looking for a cycling adventure in Cape Coral, you will be pleased to know that the terrain is mostly flat. The city has several bike trails that are perfect for leisurely rides or more challenging rides. The trails range from easy to moderate difficulty levels and offer stunning views of the city's natural beauty.

The trails are well-maintained and provide cyclists with a safe and enjoyable experience. The terrain in Cape Coral can also be hilly in some areas. However, these hills are not too steep and can be easily navigated by experienced cyclists. The hills provide an extra challenge for those looking for a more intense ride.

The hills also offer breathtaking views of the city's natural beauty. Cape Coral is an ideal destination for cyclists looking for an enjoyable ride. With its mostly flat terrain and stunning views, it is easy to see why this city is so popular among cyclists. Whether you are looking for a leisurely ride or an intense challenge, Cape Coral has something to offer everyone.