Can You Listen to Music While Bicycling in Cape Coral, Florida?

In Cape Coral, Florida, it's not recommended to ride a bicycle with headphones on. The law states that no person should drive a vehicle (including a bicycle), other than a hearing aid, while wearing headphones, earbuds or other listening device. There is one exception: a cyclist can use headphones, along with a mobile phone, since headphones only produce sound in one ear. This law on bicycle hearing is somewhat vague.

So, can you listen to music from a cell phone, just by ear? Or can the cyclist only use the headphones and the mobile phone to communicate by phone? Florida strictly prohibits the use of headphones while driving, even if they don't cover the entire ear. The only exception to this law is when you have a single headset that allows you to communicate with your phone or with a central base of operations. It depends on whether that cyclist kept one ear exposed while listening on his cell phone. But even if the law allows it, it's best to stay offline while cycling in Cape Coral.

Enjoy the sights and sounds of your environment while staying safe and alert.