A well planned and implemented network of bike paths, lanes and sidewalks:

  • Encourages health and well-being. Whether you are a walker, a runner, a cyclist, a skater, a rollerblader, a pet walker or a handicapped user, you are on your way to a healthier lifestyle if you use the bike lanes, paths and sidewalks.
  • Promotes public safety. When people are outside in their neighborhoods using the bike lanes, paths and sidewalks, there are more people keeping an eye on their neighborhoods. Perpetrators are less likely to commit crimes with people around.
  • Increases real estate values. Living next to or near a bike lane, path or sidewalk is a distinct amenity that boosts property values and makes homes in the area more attractive.
  • Spurs economic development and neighborhood revitalization. Bike lanes, paths and sidewalks are an important catalyst for new residential and business development in communities they serve.
  • Provides a safe network of connected bike lanes, paths and sidewalks especially around schools, parks, libraries for our children and adults.
  • Increases livability and the desirability of our neighborhoods and the city at large.
  • Promotes our community as a safe place for cyclists and pedestrians through special events sponsored by the city and community, such as the successful Tour de Cape, Race for Grace, Boy Scouts Run With The Pack.
  • Enhances the eco-friendly nature of our city as a place where people enjoy living, working and visiting on vacation.
  • Creates a year round tourist attraction and tourism is big industry in Cape Coral.
  • Provides a win-win situation for our citizens.

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