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  • 03/02/2014 4:13 AM | Anonymous
    Lots of bicycle riders out today, and why not. Hard to be this weather. The big event was held in the Cape today where they opened some new bike routes. Lots of CRBC members there to help with the big event. CRBC was well represented w...ith our very own Mike Swanson doing the honors for the crowd. In picture 1 below Mike, the routes designer, poses in front of the sign. Big honor for Mike and we are all proud to have him in our club. Great job MIke, you can have a free ride on the route of your choice next Saturday, take all of your friends and do not get them lost.

    Lots of other pictures of the event. Look through then and notice all the CRBC jerseys in the crowd, well represented today.

    Royal Palm Classic is 2 weeks from tomorrow. Are you signed up yet? Do not wait, the price goes up and will cost you to be lazy. Go to our website, fill in the blanks and send it in today.

    Hope you have had a great day. In case you did not notice, the snow's are here in full force. Spring training is in full force. So if you are in a hurry, ride your bicycle, you can get there quicker.

    Life is good, enjoy every moment of it!! Smile and have some fun.
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  • 03/02/2014 4:08 AM | Anonymous

    CAPE CORAL, Fla.- Getting around just got a lot easier in Cape Coral, as the city celebrated 50 miles of new bike paths with a ribbon cutting this morning.

    The Cape Coral Chamber of Commerce and Physicians Primary Care sponsored the trails, all made possible by a group of volunteers.

    The routes are part of a public-private partnership to build 90 miles of connected bike paths by the end of the year.

  • 07/24/2013 2:08 PM | Anonymous 

    Bike-Ped fills sponsorship routes

    July 3, 2013
    By CHUCK BALLARO ( , Cape Coral Daily Breeze

    It took just six months for area businesses and the community to come together to make a city-wide bike route a reality in Cape Coral.

    Many people and businesses chipped in to create a system of more than 90 miles of interconnected cycling routes within Cape Coral in about a quarter of the time that was expected.

    Two sections of the route have complete funding to allow the engineering of the project to proceed, while the other four sponsored sections are close to reaching its goals.

    "This happened much faster than anyone thought it would. I thought it would take two years," said Carolyn Conant, president of Cape Coral Bike-Ped.

    The Cape Coral Chamber of Commerce has already raised the funds to mark the Chamber route with distinctive signage, while the Team Aubuchon Route has fully funded four miles in Southwest Cape Coral.

    This means the city can now conduct the engineering drawings and have the signage up in a few months, depending on when construction begins. Conant said

    Physicians' Primary Care sponsors a 30-mile section of the route that will circle northern Cape Coral, committing $5,000 toward this route as one of its first sponsors.

    The Cape Coral Community Foundation has also funded part of the route, as has the city's Parks & Recreation Department sponsoring the Yacht Club Spur.

    Steve Pohlman, Director of the Parks & Recreation Department and Steve Neff, Director of Public Works, have been the liaisons for this volunteer project.

    The foundation is expected to have its complete funding shortly, as is the Cape Coral Construction Industry Association, which approved sponsoring a section of the route early on in the planning.

    CCCIA president Moe Beneke said about 80 to 90 percent of the 61 signs have been sold in two months.

    "Anything that's good for Cape Coral is good for the CCCIA. It gives us an image of a health-conscious city," Beneke said. "Many people up north look for that kind of thing. That we're invested in our community."

    The Cape Coral Public Works Department is in negotiations with Lee County Department of Transportation concerning marking the Veterans Route, which goes from Lee County pathways onto city share roads with distinctive route signage.

    Cape Coral Bike-Ped is asking Lee County to provide the signage as a contribution in hopes the Lee DOT will place these signs on the county pathways and the city will place them on city share roads that are part of interconnecting these Veterans' routes.

    Conant said she is stunned that in less than six months, the community rallied behind the effort.

    "This is a great community. People really pull together when something as worthwhile as this needs to be done," Conant said. "It's going to make a tremendous difference. It's attractive to tourists, it improves quality of life and economic vitality."

    The ultimate goal of Bike-Ped is to make Cape Coral a premier cycling destination, increase tourism and improve the quality of life for its residents.

    To donate online, go to or send your check made out to Cape Coral Bike Ped to Carolyn Conant , Cape Coral Bike-Ped, 2616 SW 51st Street, Cape Coral, FL 33914.

    For more information, call 851-9737 or e-mail them at

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  • 06/13/2013 8:07 AM | Anonymous

    Carolyn Conant starts out by explaining, “I happen to be a casual bicyclist. I walk a lot and I ride a little.”

    So why, then, has she devoted the last year-and-a-half of her life working tirelessly and mostly under the radar to develop an intricate 92-mile web of interconnected bike paths and bikeways stretching from the yacht club basin to Burnt Store Road?

  • 04/17/2013 8:48 AM | Anonymous

    Cycling Movement Hopes to Gather Speed

    Cape Coral has an opportunity to become a destination for a growing segment of people who enjoy walking, running and cycling. 

    "From an economic perspective, the potential is tremendous", said Cape Coral Bike Ped organizer Carolyn Conant. "Nationally, the bicycling industry contributes about $133 billion a year to the economy, with another $46.9 billion spent on food, transportation and lodging.  Our mission is to work together to develop a bicycle & pedestrian friendly Cape Coral."

    Conant spoke at this month's Cape Coral Chamber luncheon, calling the key word 'connectivity'.  Cape Coral has many miles of bike paths, but many of them come to a sudden stop only to begin again a short distance away.  If a cyclist or runner knew a safe route to continue to the next portion of path, the advantages are clear.  Conant points to the Monon Bike Trail in Indianapolis as the reason property values increased by 11% on homes situated within a half mile of the trail.

    With the proper signage, you could travel 50 miles by bicycle in the Cape.  Bike Ped has "The Great Circle Route" mapped out along with five other routes to help interconnect paths citywide.  To see the map, click here.
    Bob Welsh of Arthur Printing donated brochure printing to the cause.  "We are already a popular boating community," said Welsh.  "I see this as a positive way for Cape Coral to finally find its identity as a bicycle friendly, health-oriented area."

    "Now we need sponsors, because without community support, this is just a good vision," added Conant. 


    To learn more, visit: or email

  • 03/21/2013 6:31 AM | Anonymous

    I've  I 've ridden my bike through thousands of miles in every part of the country, and I can tell you,

    Cape Coralhas some of the best places to bicycle anywhere. If you're not a hardcore cyclist, you may not be aware of how many of Cape Coral's roads have bicycle-friendly lanes, paths, or sidewalks. If you're curious, just pull up the city map on Google Maps, and expand the Traffic window to show Bicycling. You'll see that, especially on the west and east sides of the city, there's lots of green, meaning lots of places to ride.

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