• Cape Coral has a land mass of 120 square miles and over 161,248 people as of 2012.  In early 2014, the city has put in place 110 miles of bike lanes, 9 miles of bike paths, 3.75 miles of multi-use paths, 189 miles (including state and county roads, but no private roads), and 40 of the 90 miles of Signed Bike Routes complete on the Team Aubuchon (Team A)and Chamber of Commerce of Cape Coral (CCCC) Routes. The remaining 50 miles of Signed Bike Routes will be completed by the end of 2014.
  • Bike Routes are on all roads that have bike route signs on it, even if it is a bike lane and will count on bike lane miles as well. Some bike routes just happen to be on bike lanes, bike paths etc, and some are just on roads with signage and no markings, so I am keeping track of the routes separately for reporting and mapping purposes.
  • Cape Coral is a pre-platted community.  Our walkability score is 24 out of 100, with a score below 50 considered car-dependent.
  • Bicycle industry sales in the U.S. were over $6 billion in 2010. This included retail sales of bicycles, related parts and accessories.
  • Florida is a dangerous place for pedestrians and cyclists....5,163 pedestrians have been killed over the last decade.
  • Changes are happening for the better. The Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Board’s Countywide Bicycle Pedestrian Master Plan was unanimously approved by the Board at their May 2011 meeting. Each jurisdiction’s representatives including Cape Coral’s endorsed this plan in principle.  To review the Lee County Bicycle Pedestrian Master Plan click on
  • http://www.mpo-swfl.org/content/BikePed/Lee_MPO_Bike_Ped_Master_Plan.pdf .

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